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FINTEC’s investments and involvements in the incubatee companies has enable these companies to grow and diversify their businesses.

Food & Beverage

Financial & Information Technology

Sale & Trading of Building Materials & Property Development



Financial Services

Key Incubatees
(Incubatees with long term involvements of FINTEC Group)

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Focus Dynamics Group Berhad

(Bursa Malaysia Stock Code: 0116)

Successfully shifting its focus from energy savings to food and beverage, lifestyle and entertainment. Its success contributed by restro wine atelier Lavo, luxe whiskey lounge Chaze and entertainment bar BOUNCE.


Lavo has successfully launched its e-commerce platform, an e-commerce platform, the catalyst for its future earnings growth offering variety of wine labels, spirits and wine accessories.

DGB_logo (1) (1).png

DGB Asia Berhad

DGB Group has expanded and diversified into a few new business segments, giving rise to new revenue streams to the Group. Business Segments of the Group are currently divided into the following three (3) Strategic Business Units (SBU):

  1. Leisure and Hospitality (operating Kimpton Da An Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan);

  2. Vending Machine (deploying artificial intelligence vending machines under the brand name of SpaceX); and

  3. Logistics Services (offering parcel delivery and collection services under the brand name of ‘Ping-U’, e-fulfilment services and last mile delivery services).

(Bursa Malaysia Stock Code: 0152)

NET X logo copy (Resize)_Artboard 1 copy 9 (1) (1).png

NetX businesses have been widen to:

  1. Electronic payment services – Provision of payment software licensing, mobile payment solutions and payment terminals as well as engage in money changer services and money lending businesses.

  2. Non-electronic payment services - Provision of turnkey solutions on network infrastructure, security management, system design, system integration and system installation, maintenance and support services including the supply of related  software and hardware and digital trading of precious commodities asset.

NetX Holdings Berhad

(Bursa Malaysia Stock Code: 0020)

SEACERA (1) (1).png

Seacera is principally involved in sale and trading of building materials and property development. Seacera will benefit from the expected surge of property transactions in 2023 when commencing its development on 501.5 acres of land located in Semenyih.

Seacera Group Berhad

(Bursa Malaysia Stock Code: 7073)

Key Incubatees

The Subsidiaries

Doctor Wearing Surgical Gloves
Medela Logo(RGB)-01.png

Fintec Glove Sdn Bhd

A gloves manufacturing and trading company aims to produce gloves that are resilient to chemical degradation, allergy-free and with durability and greater dexterity.


Gro Asia Agritechnology Sdn Bhd

A leading microbiology fertilizer company in the region which successfully introduced Microbial Soil Supplements that are able to substantially reduce the dosage of fertilizer, pesticides and chemical enhances while maintaining a sustainable and stable high yield, restore the soil's natural nutrient cycle and build soil organic matter. By using Microbial Soil Supplements, healthy plants can be grown while enhancing the sustainability and healthiness of the soil.

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Financia Services

Fintec Capital Sdn Bhd

Providing general loans and corporate financing services and other related credit services.

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