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Asia Bioenergy Technologies Berhad (now known as FINTEC Global Berhad), founded in year 2007, gathers and connects talents, technology, capital and industrial know-how to leverage on entrepreneurial talents and accelerate the development of new start-up companies across various industries.

We have grown from strength to strength to become a primary incubator for several diversified public and private entities in Malaysia ranging from financial application, information technology and multimedia solutions, food and beverage, healthcare, agriculture industries and sale and trading of building materials and property development. We have enhanced their businesses by providing our strategic insights and funding/operational supports.

This is in line with the goals of our formation as a think-tank, profit-oriented organization with ability to nurture and develop technologies, concepts and ideas and transform them into viable business ventures. 


Our objective for the next 10 years is to focus on revitalizing our investments and the businesses of our investee companies to the benefit of the entire Group and all of its stakeholders.

The Evolution of FINTEC

Founded in May 2007 and listed on 12 December 2008 under the then MESDAQ listing rules for Technology Incubators, Asia Bioenergy Technologies Berhad (“AsiaBio”) (now known as FINTEC Global Berhad) was primarily involved in technology incubation which focused on nurturing new business ideas relating to the bioenergy industry by providing networking, technology and financial support. Initial investments by AsiaBio encompassed biofuel engineering technology providers, biofuel production companies and biofuel filtration compound technologies.

Core Values



Act with sincerity and practicing high ethical standards.


Strive for Excellence

Makes extra efforts, practices continuous improvements and remain flexible by adapting to changes in circumstances.


Customer First

Provides quality products and services to meet customers’ expectations and needs.



Works together to achieve common goals with each other, customers and suppliers.


Proactive and Innovative

Keeps embracing new ideas, perspectives and challenges.


Community Oriented

Contributes back to the community by minimizing environmental impact and ensuring sustainability.


Leading business incubation in Asia Pacific Region


  • Increasing and improving shareholders’ value for all its subsidiaries and incubatee companies

  • Creating a fair and equitable workspace and corporate entity for all its stakeholders

  • Contributing back to the community by organizing Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes

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