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Financials Before 

FINTEC, Financials Before Technology, a technology incubator adopting investment strategies that focuses on investing in companies and ventures with the aim to ultimately create value for our shareholders. 

The name “FINTEC” mirrors our motto of “financials before technology”, i.e. that we first and foremost look into the existing and/or potential financial performances of the companies in need of capital injections before all other merits such as technology, business nature, business plan etc. are considered. Our name further aligns with our current ambition and determination for continuous growth and readiness to collaborate with new Incubatees.

Core Business

FINTEC aims to continually generate sustainable values with its 4 core business sectors i.e. strategic investments, healthcare, agriculture, and financial services.

Financial Graphs


FINTEC continuously looking for viable business ventures and opportunities to strengthen its existing investments portfolio encompassing key industries such as Financial and Information Technology, Food & Beverage, Sale and Trading of Building Materials, Property Development, and Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturing.

Doctor Wearing Surgical Gloves


Fintec Glove Sdn Bhd developed glove manufacturing facility located in Chemor, Ipoh equipped with the full capacity to produce 28.56 million boxes of gloves annually. Investing in gloves sector represents a hedge on future pandemic. Fintec Glove markets its glove under the "Medela" brand, Medela is a Latin word for healing, hence it is Fintec Glove's mission to empower its user to care for the sick through Medela glove. Fintec Glove's mission is to protect 500 million pairs of hands.

Vegetable Garden


Gro Asia Agritechnology Sdn Bhd ("Gro Asia") (formerly known as Eco-Sponge Sdn Bhd) focuses on the production of microbiology fertilizer and probiotic effective microorganisms used in agriculture and horticulture. Gro Asia is a leading microbiology fertilizer company in the region which successfully introduced Microbial Soil Supplements that are able to substantially reduce the dosage of fertilizer, pesticides and chemical enhances while maintaining a sustainable and stable high yield, restore the soil's natural nutrient cycle and build soil organic matter. By using Microbial Soil Supplements, healthy plants can be grown while enhancing the sustainability and healthiness of the soil.


Financial Services

Fintec Capital Sdn Bhd offers general loans, and corporate financing services and other related credit services.


"To be considered for funding, please send a full business plan to


The business proposal does not need to be long or fancy but should address the main points for our consideration. We like concise, four-to-six-page summaries that address our key concerns in the form of a business plan or presentation.


Every business proposal submitted will be reviewed. We may take a maximum of three weeks to revert to you.


* Page summaries must include:

  • Company name

  • Business nature

  • Project status, projections and assumptions

  • Company profile

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